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Emergency Closing Information

Find out if we are closed due to inclement weather or other emergencies, click the link below and search for "Hopewell".
www.emergencyclosings.com. We also send out alerts to your preferred method of contact (typically cell phone texts,email or voicemail). Contact your school to update your contact information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of the school?

The school day begins at 9:00 am and ends at 2:30 p.m.

Do you serve breakfast and lunch at school?

Yes. We serve a free breakfast every morning that consists of cereal, granola bar, juice and/or milk. Lunch is served from our Culinary Arts Program daily. Cost of lunch is $2.50.

Where can I get the school calendar?

You can view and print a calendar online. It is available here .

How will my son/daughter get transported to school?

Your home school district provides free transportation from your door to our door everyday. Some upper class high school students may drive to school with written parent and school permission.

What do I do if my child is sick and will not attend school?

Call the appropriate school number and either leave a message or speak with one of our staff members. We will call you if a student does not arrive at school and we have not heard from you. Please contact the transportation company also to avoid an unnecessary trip. If your child is expected to be out of school for an extended illness, contact us to pick up school work.

If the weather is bad, how do we know if school is in session?

Go to www.emergencyclosings.com and search "Hopewell" to find out if we are closed. We also have an alert system in place that will notify you of emergency closings. Our closing policy usually is to always be open unless all the local districts close. If some are closed and some are open, we are usually open but if your home district is closed, your son or daughter is excused because of no available transportation.

What supplies are needed at school?

Your child’s teacher will provide a list at the beginning of the year. Usually, just start off with pens, pencils and paper. We provide all textbooks and most materials at no additional fee.

If I want to contact a teacher, how can I do that?

The easiest way is to email a teacher. The email addresses are available in the contacts section. Otherwise, you can call the school to schedule a phone conference.

What’s your medication policy?

  1. Certified staff members administer medications during the school day. A registered nurse monitors the student’s medication administration on a weekly basis for therapeutic value and side effects. Arrangements will be made to transport necessary medication to school. Medications are kept in a locked cabinet at all times.
  2. Medications must be in the original pharmacy container and must be labeled with the medication name and prescribed dose to be administered. The label must be consistent with contents.
  3. A Medication Administration Form must be completed and signed prior to the dispensing of any medication. A physician form must also be completed.
  4. Any change in prescription or dosage should be reported immediately and a new permission form must be obtained. The parent/guardian provides medication.

What’s the school’s personal belongings policy?

Valuables, cash, and personal belongings should remain at home. Items should not be brought on the bus or to school. Children are not allowed to bring CD or CD players, tape players, video games, tapes or videos from home unless stipulated in the treatment plan.

How is the internet access monitored at school?

It is always a challenge to stay one step ahead of teenagers and computer access. We monitor their usage at school constantly and have programs in place to block access to offensive sites. But, students still use the computer inappropriately occasionally and they lose their privilege for a time determined by their teacher and/or administration.

How often do students receive report cards and progress reports?

Progress reports are issued at the end of each nine-week grading period. In the progress report, the student’s classroom teacher will indicate the student’s progress towards his/her IEP goals and the student’s academic progress in each course. Semester grades are issued in report cards after each eighteen-week grading period. Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s progress at anytime during the school year. Conferences with your child’s teacher and/or therapist may be scheduled by contacting the school principal. Parent-teacher conferences are typically scheduled at the end of the first grading period (near the end of October) but can be scheduled throughout the school year.

Do you have a summer program?

Yes we do! It is actually a lot of fun with a great deal of learning going on at the same time. We typically start the summer session two weeks after the regular year ends and it finishes the first week of August. High school students can earn up to one full credit typically with two formal courses.