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Hopewell Academy-Orland Park is a private school that provides educational and transitional services to students ages 16-21with special needs. By fostering and implementing life plans, we strive to maximize positive long-term growth in the students' academic and emotional lives. All instruction is designed around each individual's unique needs in order to better reach their transition goals. Community-based instruction is emphasized in our program to expose students to real situations and prepare them for adulthood. Students are encouraged to reach their individual potential in a safe environment. Our goal is to maximize the level of independence for students with significant disabilities with assistance in the following areas:

Hopewell Curriculum

The curriculum and daily instruction are designed to integrate rigorous core academics with career and technical standards. Daily instruction includes topics such as:

Hopewell Career Development

The career development component of our program allows students to gain appropriate career awareness and prepares them for transition into adulthood. Career guidance is offered in such forms as the following:

Hopewell Therapy Program

Hopewell Academy's therapy program is centered around what each student needs in order to be successful during and after high school. Our staff works in collaboration with any physicians or psychotherapists the student is currently working with outside of school. Furthermore, each student's therapy program will be based on what parents experience with their child and the concerns of the family. A core value of the therapy program is creating and maintaining a positive therapeutic milieu. The staff uniformly promote a spirit of cooperation, goodwill, and respect. Emotional needs are addressed during the school day across all settings. Students interact each day with professional counselors.

Student emotional and social development needs are met in a variety of ways including the following:

Group Therapy: Students meet weekly in a large group format with the staff to discuss issues pertinent to the school community. Depending on the needs of the group, students may involve in discussions most often related to conflict resolution, family concerns and address issues associated with life at school. Other discussions may serve as a venue to promote a positive peer culture that enhances social skills and a sense of self-awareness.

Individual Counseling Sessions: Individual counseling is offered on a weekly basis with a therapist. Therapists will assess the need for individual counseling based on the character of the student at hand, the severity of the student issues and the treatment that the student receives outside of the school.

Family Therapy: When appropriate, family therapy interventions or a referral to a therapist to make family therapy interventions will be made. Therapists will also conduct family meetings as needed to provide feedback of student progress.

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